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Antler Ridge Outfitters

Buck Size and Wounding Policy

We are aiming toward quality deer management, so we have set some guidelines for our hunting guests. There seem to be plenty of doe, and you are welcome to harvest a doe. If you don’t want the meat, the landowners will be happy for it. This policy covers the bucks that can be so elusive.

1.Each shot you take should be well thought out. Consider the position of the deer, open shooting lanes, and your effective skill level before you release the string or pull the trigger. We are all about a quick, clean and ethical harvest.

2.If you wound a deer and cannot recover it after an extensive search, your hunt is over.

3.Our buck size policy asks that you harvest only deer that will score at least 125 Pope & Young (gross). A penalty of $20 per inch will apply for deer with racks less than 125. We want the little bucks to be left to grow to be trophies the next year.

4.All decisions concerning the policies stated here and the penalties accrued will be at the sole discretion of Antler Ridge Outfitters owner and outfitter, Lee Gingerich.

I agree to the policies as stated here.

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